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Rules and Regulations

Please read and follow the temporary Covid-19 related rules, found here on the home page.


Below is a list of rules and regulations for members to follow when at the Evergreen Shooting Range:

  • All firearms must be unloaded and left with the action open unless at the firing line.
  • There will be no handling  of firearms or ammunition while a cease fire (range closed) is in effect.
  • Ensure your firearm's muzzle is pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • The first member arriving at the range will raise the flag. The last member leaving the range will lower the flag
  • The gate must be locked at all times. This means you must lock the gate upon entering the range and again when leaving.
  • All commands of the Range Officer will be obeyed.
  • All members must have proof of membership visable at all times.
  • Hearing protection is mandatory. Eye protection is recommended.
  • Shooting of glass and other non regular target materials is prohibited.
  • Collect all your refuse, spent cartridges, and targets. We encourage all members to pack out what they have brought to the range.
  • Guests are NOT permitted at the range unless you are attending a registered event.
  • Non-member spectators are NOT permitted at the range at any time.
  • All current laws regarding firearm transport, handling, licensing, and registration will be followed while on range property.
  • Trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted.
  • Overnight camping is allowed, but only upon authorization of the club. There will be no open fires.
  • No shooting outside of the designated active range boundaries.
  • No shooting of the target frames, posts, buildings, or trash cans.
  • Use of shot shells on back boards is prohibited.
  • No parking outside of designated areas.
  • No alcohol or consumption of alcohol is permitted on range property. No person shall use the range if impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • No hunting is permitted.
  • No unauthorized use of OHV's on range property.
  • No use of .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) caliber firearms or firearms in caliber size outside of the license provisions of the range is permitted.
  • Blackhawk SERPA holsters are banned from use on the range.
  • No Binary or other flammables are allowed on the range as targets.

Contact the Club Executive if you are unsure of these provisions.


Range Commands

  • When more than one member is present on the range, one person must be appointed RANGE OFFICER.
  • Cease Fire can be called by anyone seeing an unsafe act or condition.
  • When a Cease Fire or Check Targets command is called all firearms must be unloaded and have their action opened. (No handling of firearms or ammunition)[Once range is called Clear by the Range Officer, all persons wishing to go down range shall do so.]
  • (Upon returning from down range) Range live, Ears and Eyes on.(Persons may handle their firearms and ammunition, and approach the firing line)
  • Commence Firing(actions closed and shooting may commence in your own time.)

Remember firearm safety starts with you, so please do your part to behave and act in a responsible and safe manner at all times.