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Lande Tactical








We are accepting new members for 2019!!



Memberships are available through Mulligan Registries.

Mulligan Registries

5148-52nd Ave.

Drayton Valley, AB




Membership Pricing as follows:


Basic Membership $130.00

Add family members $15/person

-Family members must reside at same address as Basic Member. Other than spouse, anyone over 18 must apply for their own Basic Membership.


Event Memberships $125.00 each

-No key issued

-Access to range possible with keyed member or for range events only.



No guests are allowed to visit the range unless attending courses or matches.



The Evergreen Shooting Club has a 500 member cap, we will offer renewal memberships to current members after the 1st of December each year. Current members will have the priveledge of renewing their membership until January 31st, after that membership will be available to all persons.